Natural Playgrounds For Schools


We work closely with Schools to design and build natural play structures that enhance their core offering to students.


Natural Playground Benefits

Natural playgrounds cost the same or less than traditional playgrounds to purchase, install, and maintain

Catastrophic injuries are lower on natural features compared to plastic post and platform playgrounds

‘Time in Nature’ is now a key health indicator on the Active Healthy Kids Canada report card

Vandalism, aggressive behaviour, and bullying rates are all reduced in direct proportion to the amount of tree canopy and contact with nature in a play space. The more contact, the greater the benefit.

Exposure to natural environments improves children’s cognitive development by improving their awareness, reasoning and observational skills


Bienenstock Natural Playground Services

There are a variety of ways to work with our interdisciplinary team at Bienenstock. We thoroughly believe that no two sites are the same; therefore no two solutions will be identical. Whether you are just beginning the process or are well on your way, our team offers a range of services to meet your needs and timeline.

Conceptual Design

This is the first phase of envisioning your space and the most critical in terms of generating support and building advocacy. Through a tailored series of visits and design meetings, the focus of conceptual design is to get your vision on paper.

Technical Drawings

Once your conceptual vision has been established and you are ready to move towards implementation, we begin producing technical drawings and construction documents. This is a precise set of drawings that show how to build your new natural playground.

Design & Build

The most comprehensive approach we offer is our unique “design/build” approach. This includes conceptual design, technical drawings, and the installation of the playground. This option is often best suited for projects that have fixed timelines and/or budgets.

In addition to our standard design services listed above, we have extensive experience operating in additional capacities including Prime Consultants, Sub-Consultants, and Construction Administration & Oversight

It was great working with the Bienenstock team. Our children are calmer and more focused than ever, and their parents are overjoyed with the result.
– Helene, Rosalind Blauer Children Centre – Brock University.

I prefer to work with the Bienenstock team because they are the experts in nature play and how it applies to the full spectrum of child development. By partnering with this team, we have been able to win bigger and more interesting projects for our firm and continue to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship; and we are consistently delivering a higher quality results for our clients. Their focus on play as it applies to recreation and their expertise in pedagogy, manufacturing and installation has allowed us to turn our best ideas into reality.
– Ian Anderson, Landscape Architect

Adam Bienenstock is one of my heroes. He’s a world leader in the development of natural playgrounds, an important strategy in our efforts to create nature-rich cities.
Richard Louv, Author of Last Child in the Woods, and Co-Founder of The Children and Nature Network

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds has created the standard for Private School playgrounds. We have seen a love and appreciation for the natural world fostered as well as reduced student conflicts in our playground. Our outdoor space and focus on experiential learning also continues to be a draw for new students to our school.
– Catharine Hant, The Bishop Strachan School

After our Bienenstock Natural Playground was installed we saw a drastic reduction in bullying and aggressive behaviour rates at our school. What once was a line up after recess of injured students is now an empty space!
– Peter Messina, Canadian Martyrs Catholic School

The separation of children from nature is one of the greatest and least appreciated crises of our time.  Through his transformative natural playgrounds, Adam Bienenstock’ has become one of the world leaders in re-connection children with nature.
– Scott D Sampson, PHD- Palaeontologist and Science Communicator; Host of Dinosaur Train & CEO of Vancouver Science World

School Portfolio

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