PRO Educational Forum 2022


Session with Adam Bienenstock

Natural Playgrounds are here to stay! Why they are gaining ground and getting messier.

What are natural playgrounds and why is contact with nature so important for children? Adam Bienenstock delivers an informative and irreverent keynote exploring the reasons for this new phenomenon in play.

He will highlight how play has changed over time, why it is important to connect children to nature, and examples of natural playgrounds that engage children on a whole other level.

The demand for natural playgrounds has exploded during the pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down. Fortified with peer-reviewed research and real life examples from his own projects, Adam Bienenstock makes a compelling and entertaining case for why nature play is essential for child development, happiness and learning.

Four Objectives

  • Understanding the difference between Natural and traditional playgrounds
  • Risky Play – where and why the injuries happen
  • Sustainability – Strategies to get more years from your investment
  • Seeing the future of play through the lens of environmental impact
Adam Bienenstock

Adam Bienenstock


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