Private School Natural Playgrounds

Private School Natural Playgrounds


We create full sensory, nature rich experiences for Private Schools across North America.


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Why Natural Playgrounds?

Natural playgrounds are multi-functional spaces that provide full sensory engagement to promote optimal child development. In addition to gross and fine motor play, they also provide opportunities for dramatic and creative play, social gathering, and quiet contemplative play.

Unlike many plastic and steel alternatives, natural playgrounds are inherently inclusive, accessible, and instinctively fun for all ages and abilities, there are many benefits of natural playgrounds.


Benefits of a nature rich environment include:

A healthy immune system

Enhanced cognitive function

Increased engagement and imagination

A greater aptitude for environmental stewardship as adults

A reduction in incidents of injuries


Natural playgrounds should be the standard for all our playgrounds. They truly connect children with nature through play and are a sort of classroom for the next generation of environmental stewards.
 Dr. David Suzuki, host of The Nature of Things

Why Work With Us?


With our unparalleled diversity of expertise and experience, our team will guide your vision from paper to play space. Every Bienenstock Natural Playground project is one-of-a-kind tailored solution, without a doubt, reflective of our unwavering commitment to quality playgrounds that connect kids to nature.

Child Development

Research shows time spent in nature coupled with outdoor risky play are key to encouraging resilience, emotional, physical health, and creative thinking in children. Led by nature play experts Adam and Jill Bienenstock, our training team includes recreation specialists, horticulturists, therapists, early childhood educators, and landscape architects and designers, who are all united by a common passion for nature education.

We stand by our work

Each Bienenstock Natural Playground project comes with a warranty certificate upon build completion. The work and material is guaranteed to remain free from all manufacturing defects, and to comply with all specifications and contract documents governing the work.

Safety and Compliance

Our team is composed of some of the most knowledgeable professionals when it comes to safety. Throughout the design process, we are consistently considering safety and making sure each project meets every necessary guideline and regulatory standard. All of our products are compliant with the CSA, ASTM & ANSI Standards.


Today, fundraising is more competitive than ever and requires a well-planned and sophisticated approach. Having raised millions of dollars for hundreds of natural playground projects, we are a willing ally in helping you realize your playground dream with our tried and tested fundraising strategy.

Training and Advocacy

Our relentless desire to advocate for nature education means there is no boundary we won’t push when it comes to fostering nature-rich learning and play opportunities for all ages and abilities. School boards, municipalities and parks around the world seek out our transformative training. These workshops, which can be coupled with design consultations, occur onsite so we can transfer our knowledge to your educators and children in-house. Whatever the size group, we are ready to inspire you to harness the natural world as your most powerful teaching tool.

Maintenance and Sustainability

Our team offers professional services to ensure your natural playground continues to meet safety standards, serve its intended use, and look it’s best. Services offered include sod aeration & overseeding, plant care, pathway rejuvenation, surfacing top ups, component inspection & maintenance, and site clean-up.

Measuring Success

After the last shade tree is planted, and final playground component installed, we measure a project’s success by the level of children and educator engagement. When we create a space where children love to play and educators feel empowered and inspired, we are confident we have succeeded in fulfilling your vision and our goal to connect more children to nature.

Adam Bienenstock is one of my heroes. He’s a world leader in the development of natural playgrounds, an important strategy in our efforts to create nature-rich cities.
Richard Louv, Author of Last Child in the Woods, and Co-Founder of The Children and Nature Network

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