The Bishop Strachan School Rooftop

The Bishop Strachan School Rooftop

Toronto, Ontario


A beautiful project that focuses on bringing full sensory engagement to the rooftop of the school in a one-of-a-kind setting.

This innovative rooftop project replaced an older plastic play structure and artificial turf with an inventive log climber, large shade trees, an amphitheatre, and unique topography. Doing this on a rooftop in downtown Toronto presented creative challenges for our natural playground design and construction teams. To tackle this project, we worked closely with engineers and architects to get the details right. With their guidance, we used high density lightweight foam to build topography and placed trees over structural columns. The trees and shrubs in the new space bring life to the rooftop, and provide shade and sensory engagement for the students.

3236 square feet

Age Group:
School Age

Built in:

Toronto, ON

The Bishop Strachan School Rooftop