Royal St. George's Private School

Royal St. George's Private School

Toronto, Ontario


We were asked to create a natural playground on the roof of an underground parking garage as the final piece of a multi million-dollar effort to rebuild the facilities. Through a robust consultation process involving many students and all of the teaching staff, it became clear that what was missing was a commons full of shade and sensory experiences. We installed natural basal columns combined with slabs of limestone bedrock and heavily planted raised beds. Immediately, the playspace boasted 50 percent shade, and it quickly became a feast for the senses, an oasis in the centre of the campus.

This is a unique courtyard with an amazing variety of natural materials throughout. I love the use of stonework, decking, logs and shrubs. It’s quite the gathering space for children of all ages. My favourite aspect is the stone border, which is nice for gathering but difficult for walking on, which makes it interesting and challenging at the same time. I love the texture and artistic value it gives to the space.

1326 square feet

Age Group:
School Age

Built in:

120 Howland Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 3B5

Royal St. George's Private School