Rio Grande Farm Park Natural Playground

Rio Grande Farm Park

Alamosa, Colorado


This playground features a custom Log Mash® play structure, a birds nest, pull-up bars, and beams. There is a sand area that is flagged by a unique border that includes boulders, vertical and horizontal logs, a log tunnel, and a boulder concrete spillway that offers water play opportunities which uses a hand pump to distribute water. The playground also has a slide built into the grading, a log post zip line system sunken into the grade with rolled edge. For the quiet contemplative type there is a boulder seating area tucked into a grove of trees and large wacky posts.

18246 square feet

Age Group:
All Ages

Built in:

Project Background, Public Input and Goals:

Managed and operated by a non-profit trust, Rio Grande Farm Park was looking to establish a multi-component playground space that offered full-sensory engagement to the community. While interfacing, the trust board established goals that included maintaining a space that appeared natural with non-prescriptive components that would allow for proprioceptive, vestibular, gross-motor, ne-motor, creative and social skill development. Through the use of several mediums, the inclusion of sand & water play, and a well thought-out gamut of natural playground components that offer a scaled challenge through the child develop-ment continuum, we were able to hit the mark and achieve our goals.

Rio Grande Farm Park Natural Playground