Ontario Science Centre

Ontario Science Centre

Toronto, Ontario


A high-profile project in a beautiful setting focused on minimal environmental impact, unique natural features, and multi-generational engagement.

The great architect Moriyama once said of this iconic pod-based building, “One day this will make a great ruin.” Originally designed to honour Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of design that does not impose on its surroundings, for years the outdoor space had been neglected. Bienenstock’s vision was to fix the infrastructure and create interactive exhibit space that focused on play and connection to nature. We discovered an ancient fallen pine and developed a new method for onsite manufacturing to create the world’s longest log hill slide. The slide was placed carefully to mimic the escalators that went from pod to pod down the banks of the beech forest.

The playground is nestled within a forest, which automatically provides countless loose parts. The giant bird nest is amazing piece of art made from willow branches. It’s a stunning structural piece that lends itself to wonder and exploration.

15922 square feet

Age Group:
All Ages

Built in:

770 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON

Ontario Science Centre