Montessori Academy Of London

Montessori Academy Of London

London, Ontario


This playground was originally a sea of rubber in direct sunlight, exposed to a parking lot and noisy street. The plastic and steel structures were, to quote one of our designers, “tired.” Our challenge was to create intimate shaded spaces that would help children move from more aggressive gross motor play to quiet, contemplative, fine motor activities; this encompassed a shift from old traditions to a new pedagogical approach that aligned with Montessori philosophy.

This site has so much to offer: sand, music, dramatic play areas, gross motor play, gathering areas and loads of plants that offer loose parts, sensory experiences, and forts. The sideways tree is fantastic for climbing and balancing and acts as a dramatic feature; children often pretend that it’s a dinosaur, pirate ship or castle.

8608 square feet

Age Group:
Toddler/ Preschool

Built in:

London, ON

Montessori Academy Of London