Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School

Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School

Milton, Ontario


Start with a modest client budget and firm requirements for accessibility in a kindergarten play space, and then add in a dark alley, a steep and eroded slope, and a large concrete retaining wall. In the hands of our designers and installers, this awkward site with firm constraints was skilfully transformed to reveal an area full of character and opportunity. Mirrored panels were mounted to the building to reflect sunlight down the alley and help illuminate a quiet seating area. Preserving the concrete wall left a curved border for a sand play area, and provided budget relief for the client. A patch of tired shrubs was replaced with an active gardening area for children to learn and grow. A series of log borders flanked by shrubs create a long path running parallel up the slope to provide a route to the top for children of all abilities. At the top of the slope they are greeted with an expertly crafted bench that spirals around a newly planted oak. Farther on rests a giant gnarly log for students to rest against, to climb upon, and to admire nature’s own unmatched craftsmanship.

6000 square feet

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Milton, ON

Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School