Globeville Landing Park

Globeville Landing Park

Denver, Colorado


Globeville natural playground features a custom Log Mash® play structure that provides amazing gross motor opportunities. Children can climb, hang, balance and jump on this one of a kind natural playground. It also provides children great practice for the coordination of upper and lower extremities. We designed, built, and installed this natural playground as a part of a much larger project.

1520 square feet

Age Group:
All Ages

Built in:

3901 Arkins Court, Denver, CO, 80216

Project Background, Public Input and Goals:

Part of the larger-scale urban drainage series of projects in Denver, Colorado; the project was part of a robust public input process where on-site and rec-center meetings facilitated an interface and feedback from the community. The engagement involved measuring public interest and the necessity for specific child engagement, as well as educating the community with regards to natural playgrounds and the potential of non-prescriptive components. The project was an amalgamation of various “areas” geared towards varying levels/stages of child engagement and sensory stimulation.

Globeville Landing Park