Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park

Alma, New Brunswick


The challenge at Fundy was to create a gateway to nature experience in the manicured center of this park… a space that would draw people into the thousands of acres of glorious New Brunswick forest and streams. The boulders, rolling topography, sideways tree led to a path and a scramble in the forest where you would find the pump for the child-led stream and the footpath to the slide that emerged from the forest.

The water play space in the sand area is fantastic! The water sits high on top of a hill at edge of the forest and flows into the sand pit. This provides perfect sensory opportunities and exploration for children of all ages. The zip line is great for vestibular input (motion). Children can’t seem to get enough. Other top features are the climbing wall, sideways tree and boulders with ropes for climbing and balancing.

23311 square feet

Age Group:
All Ages

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Fundy National Park, Alma, NB

Fundy National Park