Ft. Erie Regional Child Care

Ft. Erie Regional Child Care

Fort Erie, Ontario


A unique project that presented interesting programming and grading challenges resulting in a sensory-rich natural playrground accomodating a variety ages.

When this child care centre acquired some adjacent land, they decided to expand their parking lot and playground. The resulting playground space is a large “L” shape, with some parts of the space located much further from the building than others. A careful design resulted in a playspace that best suits the needs of the educators and children. Pushing the gross motor play and climbing structures for preschoolers (the oldest children in the centre) means that the most energetic and active kids have the furthest to go during outdoor time. Keeping toddlers closer to the building maximizes the time they spent actually playing, and minimizes the time educators spend guiding the children from place to place.

Sand and water play in both the preschool and toddler playgrounds offers valuable sensory play for the kids. This also presents a unique design and construction challenge of what to do with the excess soils created from excavating for the sand areas. Including rolling hills and an embankment slide in the design allowed our construction crew to keep much of the excavated soils on site. Doing so added visual interest to the site and helped keep construction costs lower.

11500 square feet

Age Group:
Infant / Toddler / Preschool

Built in:

Fort Erie, ON

Ft. Erie Regional Child Care