First Creek Park Natural Playground

First Creek Park Natural Playground

First Creek Park Natural Playground

Denver, Colorado


The first of its kind natural play area is a fully accessible and fully sensory space that seamlessly integrates the stream and forest with innovative landform and natural play features. The project was designed and built in collaboration with Valerian Landscape Architects, Naranjo Contracting, Denver Urban Drainage, and Denver Parks Department.

This natural playground is the first of its kind to feature a massive, fully accessible double log bowl swing set that is fully-integrated into the landscape. Landform and floodplain redevelopment that invites children and families to play in the riparian buffers. Forest play trails, natural amphitheaters, sideways tree and boulder climbers, rope play, furniture and ecological restoration line the winding accessible trails.

Project Background, Public Input and Goals:
Through engagement sessions and consultation sessions with the team at ODS were able to refine their mission for the space; create a space for art, music and drama to engage children who aren’t as interested in the typical play facilitated by traditional playground structures and give their children an opportunity to develop an authentic connection to nature. Beyond recess, the ODCMG had expressed interest in using the playground space for outdoor classrooms as well, which led to design adaptations and component that could host as an outdoor learning “hub”.

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7500 square feet

Age Group:
All Ages

Built in:

18874 Elmendorf Dr, Denver, CO 80249, United States

First Creek Park Natural Playground