Cibolo Nature School

Cibolo Nature School

Cibolo Nature School

San Antonio, Texas


We want to create an environment that is enriched with nature-based elements within the natural landscape to create a balance between new buildings and nature, allowing for a hands-on learning and teaching experience where students and teachers alike can thrive.

We’ve created 4 unique spaces for child development through big body play that include a beautiful spiral sensory pathway that children can explore, becoming engrossed in vegetation and flowers while enhancing their senses, as well as an outdoor garden area.

We’ve also included an “anarchy” zone for children to engage with nature’s loose parts and indulge their creative side.

Project Background, Public Input and Goals:

We wanted to create a natural environment that works well with the existing landscape and creates a playscape for children to explore, discover a sense of wonder, and develop sensory engagement opportunities for the facility.

Age Group:
All Ages

Built in:

San Antonio, TX

Cibolo Nature School