Central Park Playground Banff

Central Park Playground, Town Of Banff

Central Park Playground, Town Of Banff

Banff, Alberta


A one-of-a-kind setting that prompted unique considerations and design solutions to create an award-winning natural playground.

This is an unusual park in a city that is, itself, part of a national park. We gave careful consideration to avoiding entanglements for elk antlers as well as massive fluctuations in population density due to the Banff film festival, which brings in 30,000 tourists annually. The possibility of elk visitors encouraged us to develop systems that made it impossible to roll or tip our sideways trees. Central Park Playground was voted best of all playgrounds in Alberta by the Playground Writers of Canada in 2016.

3101 square feet

Age Group:
All Ages

Built in:

Banff, AB

Central Park Playground, Town Of Banff