ACW Child Care - Woodlawn

ACW Child Care - Woodlawn

Welland, Ontario


A Child’s World. Originally 5 play spaces, we reduced it to 4 by consolidating the toddler area. They form a U-shaped ring around the childcare center and there were many points of entry. They have a lot of Honey Locust trees of the same age, so we needed to diversify the plant material to introduce variation in size and material. The site is narrow and we had to get creative with our grading. Also have a great example of a music space between the toddler and the infant areas.

This toddler playground has amazing diverse areas for children to practice their gross motor skills that include gentle sloping hills covered in grass, clusters of service berry shrubs that act as living forts, decking on the pathways, and a wooden tunnel to climb through. My favorite component is the carved wooden log trough with push faucet allowing water play in the sand area. The children have instant water with the push of a button, great for exploration, social skills, language development and sensory play.

12639 square feet

Age Group:
Toddler / Preschool

Built in:

300 Woodlawn Rd, Welland, ON

ACW Child Care - Woodlawn