Natural Playgrounds & Outdoor Spaces for Municipalities, Parks & Recreation


We are thrilled to collaborate with your team of skilled professionals, whether it’s your forestry department, landscape architects, project managers, or beyond. Our mission is to understand your requirements and support you in achieving your project goals. We thoroughly believe that no two sites are the same; therefore no two solutions will be identical. Our team is here to support you every step of the way and includes award winning designers, architects, planners and educators who are united by their belief in the foundational value of immersive nature experiences.

In addition to our standard design services, we have extensive experience operating as Primary Consultants, Sub-Consultants, and Construction Administrators.

We also offer comprehensive training, workshops and engaging keynotes to educate and empower your team. As your dedicated advocate, we are committed to supporting projects that aim to foster equal access to the benefits of immersive natural spaces for your entire community.

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Benefits of Natural Playgrounds & Outdoor Spaces

Increase in Full-Sensory Engagement & Optimized Child Development

Reduced Stress & Improved Mental Well-Being in Children

Vandalism, Aggression & Bullying Rates are all Reduced with Increased Contact with Nature in a Play Space

Increased Physical & Cognitive Developmental Benefits over Traditional Plastic & Steel Playgrounds

Significant Decrease in Catastrophic Playground Injuries over Traditional Plastic & Steel Playgrounds

Natural Playgrounds Cost the Same or Less than Traditional Playgrounds to Purchase, Install & Maintain

‘Time in Nature’ is a Key Health Indicator on the Active Healthy Kids Report Card

Universal Accessibility

Bienenstock Natural Playground Services

Whether you are just beginning the process or are well on your way, our team offers a range of services to meet your needs and timeline.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

This is the first phase of envisioning your space and the most critical in terms of generating support and building advocacy. Through a tailored series of visits and design meetings, the focus of conceptual playground design is to get your vision on paper.

Natural Playground Build

Natural Playground Build

The most comprehensive approach we offer is our unique “design/build” approach. This includes conceptual design, technical drawings, and the installation of the playground. This option is often best suited for projects that have fixed timelines and/or budgets.

Natural Playground Training

Natural Playground Training

Cities and communities need to prioritize Natural Playground Training in order to create healthier and more sustainable communities. Natural playgrounds promote the concept of play in a natural settings.

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