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You are the expert, the creator of community, the teacher, inventor, planner and guide. You are the visionary of a green and sustainable future for our cities and the conduit through which people will experience nature for generations. Experts need the best tools.

As the industry leaders in nature play products and services we exist to support your best projects and help to make your vision a reality; we’re Alfred, you’re Batman. Whether you need proposal support to win that great project or the perfect custom or prefabricated natural playground equipment to make your natural playground design sing, our team is just a call or click away with the experience and tools you are looking for.

We get it, sometimes you’re just looking for a piece or two, and sometimes you’re looking for full nature play advocacy and support. Whatever the degree of involvement you’d like from us; whether it be full collaboration every step of the way, to just stepping back and letting you shine, we’re ready to help.

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As the industry leaders in nature play components, services and pedagogy, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds are driven to support your best projects and help make your vision a reality. We strive to help you achieve all of your goals and support your team in delivering award-winning natural playground projects

Whether you need a natural playground advisory team, nature play sub-consultant, compliance specialists, or just a reliable manufacturer to spec components, we’re happy to support you and your projects. While we’re sharing, we’d like to treat everyone in attendance to a meal making it a true Lunch & Learn.

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The facts about nature play speak for themselves

Math and language scores increase directly in proportion to contact with nature.

Contact with dirt has been proven to increase healthy immune response, (decrease irritable bowel and gut based chronic disease) while reducing stress, increasing focus, and attention spans.

Catastrophic injuries are lower in sensory rich, natural environments when compared to plastic post and platform playgrounds.

Vandalism, aggressive behaviour, and bullying rates are all reduced in direct proportion to the amount of tree canopy and contact with nature. The more green, the better the result.

Exposure to natural environments improves children’s cognitive development by improving their awareness, reasoning and observational skills.

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Introducing the refreshed Nature’s Instruments playground equipment website! Explore the all-new, now with an enhanced appearance and exciting additions. Discover an array of features including free downloadable CAD blocks and installation resources for every component, interactive style guides, and a user-friendly layout for seamless navigation. Experience upgraded component profiles that provide detailed information.

Accessing our extensive collection of handcrafted components, seeking inspiration, or connecting with our exceptional Nature Play Advisors has never been easier. Visit today to explore the latest enhancements and make the most of your playground experience.

Visit Our New Nature's Instruments Website

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