We never turn down a chance to challenge traditional thinking. We shake up old definitions of play and learning, while encouraging policy makers and audiences to embrace the awesome power of nature.



Relentless Advocacy

At their best, keynotes have the power to inspire audiences to make bold changes and embrace new ways of thinking. Memorable keynotes aren’t merely a recitation of facts; they are uplifting, challenging and serve as a call to action for all who listen.

Changing the way we design our environments—and indeed, changing the way we play—begins with a simple conversation. Our speakers shake up the status quo and invite audiences to reconsider everything they’ve ever heard about play and learning. As industry leaders, Bienenstock leverages our collective experience to further the conversation on the endless benefits of connecting children to nature. Harnessing research-based evidence and authentic anecdotes, the Bienenstock team makes a thorough and compelling case for connecting children to the natural world.

Our team is available for keynotes, panel discussions, guest lectures and writing projects. Contact us for more information regarding our relentless advocacy.


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Bienenstock designers and educators consider both the developmental and sensory needs of children when planning playgrounds and creating components. Our aim is to help children of all abilities meet their developmental goals through a sensory rich environment that offers limitless play opportunities, while at the same time, allowing educators to take advantage of this unique learning environment to extend their curriculum outdoors.

Adam Bienenstock

Adam Bienenstock

Position: Founder
Adam Bienenstock: Founder & Principal Designer

Adam is an internationally acclaimed designer, builder, and researcher of nature-based play spaces, and the founder of Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds. Adam has traveled globally to advocate for children’s rights to nature play, and to collaborate on the creation of spectacular natural parks and playgrounds.

His resume in the natural playground industry is unparalleled; highlights include creating campuses, training, working on projects for the US Army, Parks Canada, and Australia, and City projects for Toronto, San Francisco, Vancouver, Calgary, New York, Austin, Denver, Chicago, and Miami.

Adam lives and works at the forefront of the movement to connect children to nature. His bold, charismatic personality sets the tone for the entire company, and he’s at his happiest when he’s pushing executives, municipal managers, and educators out of their comfort zones.

He sits on numerous advisory committees, including the International Association of Nature Pedagogy, Parliamentary Commission on Urban Conservation, The Candadian Wildlife Federation and the Systematic Literature Review on Risky Outdoor Play. His work is accessible, natural and fun.

Known for his wit and humour as a public speaker, Adam invites us to shed our inhibitions and play in the mud. He is the proud husband of Jill Bienenstock, and father of two sons, Sam and Leo. He sneaks off to northern Ontario when he needs to immerse himself in nature; he believes it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth.

As the co-author of The Systematic Literature Review on Outdoor Risky Play, Adam warns us not to be fooled by the serious nature of his experience, after all, at its core this is about inspiring play for our kids… so you can expect some playfulness and irreverence when working with him!

Adam Bienenstock


Adam is an internationally acclaimed designer, builder, and researcher of...

Jill Bienenstock, RECE

Jill Bienenstock

Position: Director of Education
Jill Bienenstock: RECE

Jill is an early childhood educator with over 20 years experience in various settings. She currently works as the Director of Education, alongside her husband, Adam, at their company Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds. Jill is part of an exciting team that designs and creates natural playgrounds, which connect children to nature. She focuses on finding ways to extend curriculum outdoors, making it simple and fun for both children and educators. Jill is inspired by the children she works with and enjoys finding creative ways to transform outdoor ‘roadblocks’ into learning opportunities for all.

Jill Bienenstock

Director of Education

Jill is an early childhood educator with over 20 years...