Our Design Process


At Bienenstock, we wholeheartedly believe that your team is one of the most crucial elements of the playground design process. Each design begins with a visit to your site and a meeting with your stakeholders.













During this conversation we discuss your objectives, the site’s challenges and opportunities, the curriculum you use and all other information relevant to your space. We conduct a thorough site analysis and walk the space together — never forgetting to listen and ask questions, so that we thoroughly understand your vision.

These powerful conversations inform our design approach. Through a series of meetings and follow-up talks, we will guide you through hand drawings, 3D computer models, and comprehensive cost estimates — ensuring that your team has input throughout the entire process. With each new design iteration, we move closer to a unique, site-specific, natural playground design.

When the last shade tree is planted and the last instrument is installed, we measure our success by the natural playground’s level of engagement — both for children and their educators. We are not in the business of designing beautiful, static spaces. When we do our job well, we create a space where children love to play and educators feel empowered and inspired… a space that transforms the way they engage with each other and with the natural world.