In 2022, we at Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds wanted to create a video series that focused on sharing who we are on a more granular level. Inspired by the concept, “From Roots, We Grow” was born. In these videos, we take the opportunity to chat with team members from our playground design team to our sales team to learn more about who they are, what they do, and what motivates them.

One recurring, unprompted theme consistently presented itself in every single interview; we are like family.

As we roll into 2023, here’s a quick look at what some from our team had to say during those interviews; what it’s like to be a part of the natural playground movement, and the paradigm behind the Bienenstock Natural Playground family.

“If you see a posting take the leap and apply because there’s so much opportunity here and you’re going to be doing something meaningful, kids need to be outside and there needs to be that advocates for it.”

“And you’re going to be supported by a team like no other than any other company the teamwork that’s uh that that gets derived from everybody wanting to help one another is an incredible feeling like it’s morale-boosting makes you want to get up and come to work every day.”

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