In our video series, “From Roots We Grow,” we shine a spotlight on the incredible individuals behind our ongoing success in bringing children closer to nature through natural playgrounds and outdoor classrooms. Each episode features a member of our team, including our playground design specialist, production members, and natural playground equipment crafters.

When we embarked on creating this video series, our goal was clear: to showcase the importance of our team members. While every organization may claim to value their people equally across all departments and levels, we wanted to go beyond that by allowing each team member to individually introduce themselves. This approach brings a genuine and unfiltered view of our team at its core. At Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds, we emphasize that our purpose has always been to connect children with nature. “From Roots We Grow” provides a closer look at the individuals who facilitate this connection.

Throughout this series, we have and continue to present short videos that highlight different individuals within the Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds team. There are no scripts or assumptions; our focus is on showcasing who we are as individuals rather than solely focusing on our work. However, it is important to recognize that part of who we are is reflected in our passion for what we do each day.

Everyone has a unique story, and each person brings something different to our team. Join us as we celebrate the incredible individuals who make up Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds.

A Bienenstock Natural Playground

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