Designing a natural playground can be a fun and creative process, but it requires careful planning and consideration to ensure that the final result is an outdoor space that is functional and enjoyable for children of all ages.

Step 1: Select a Site
The first step in designing a natural playground is to select a suitable location. Choosing an area with plenty of natural features such as trees, hills, rocks, and water features will allow you to take advantage of nature from the start. Also, consider the accessibility and visibility of the site, as well as any zoning, safety, or environmental regulations that may impact the design.

Step 2: Develop a Concept
Once you have identified the site, develop a concept that reflects the natural features of the site and the needs of the children who will use the playground. With a pedagogical approach to exposing children to nature in mind and the use of natural components, the concept of what would be best for the site and the children that will be using it should come easy.

Step 3: Create the Design
Using the concept as a guideline, create a detailed design of the natural playground. This should include a layout of the play areas, pathways, and seating areas, as well as specifications for the natural construction materials and equipment.

Step 4: Build the Playground
Using the natural playground design as a blueprint, begin constructing the natural playground. This may involve excavation, grading, and installation of various natural play features.

Step 5: Plantings and Landscaping
As the playground takes shape, planting plants that suit the area and landscaping features enhance the natural feel of the space. This may involve planting trees, shrubs, and other vegetation, as well as adding decorative features such as log benches, boulders, and water features.

In conclusion, designing a natural playground requires careful planning, construction, and landscaping to create an enjoyable outdoor space for children. And we at Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds are leaders in the field of natural playgrounds and we can help you make your natural playground a reality.

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