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  The Buzz

Painted Rock Garden Border

Rock Painting

Rock painting is a fun and creative activity.  Later in the season when constructing your garden, it can generate a sense of ownership and pride. Materials: Rocks; fist-size Acrylic paint Muffin tin for paints Paint brushes Wash bin filled with water and a towel Cups of water for rinsing paint brushes Rags for wiping up… Continue reading Rock Painting

Child holding his Clay Creature

Clay Creatures

 Children can make clay creatures to decorate their backyard or home. All you need is a ball of clay or mud and loose items found in nature. Materials: Clay, self-drying; can be purchased at a pottery supplier or art store Substitute clay for mud or play-dough if needed. Loose items found in nature for decorating… Continue reading Clay Creatures

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds - Canada Blooms 2020

Canada Blooms 2020

From March 13th until the 22nd, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds is exhibiting a beautiful, Natural Playground at Canada Blooms and the National Home Show. This will be a fully functioning, universally accessible, 8000 square foot, children’s playscape. It is the largest fully accessible display ever built at Canada Blooms. This is our first time back to Festival after taking… Continue reading Canada Blooms 2020

Boy in nature enjoying the benefits of nature play

Left Behind: The Casualties Of Playground Accessibility

Front-loaded and momentous; the human physical and cognitive development path is in its critical state during our early years. The stimuli and activities we encounter are foundational and lasting, deeming it crucial that children are provided with full-spectrum sensory nutrition to allow them the best opportunity to develop during their formative, early years. For as… Continue reading Left Behind: The Casualties Of Playground Accessibility