The Natural Solution – Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

The essence of our message is that our connection to nature is not just a personal preference, but rather a crucial solution to many of today’s societal challenges.

We need to emphasize that it’s paramount to recognize this not as an end in itself but as a remedy for the problems we face, particularly behavioural issues. Nature-inspired playground designs are a growing initiative and more cities across the world need to invest in natural playground training to understand the benefits of these play spaces.

With examples such as the alarming number of mass shootings in the US and behavioural problems in schools, the speaker stresses that spending more time in nature can lead to a significant reduction in aggressive behaviours.

The call to action is for more sensory engagement and increased time in nature – an approach that has shown an 87% change in aggressive behaviours when practiced for over an hour a day.

Advocating for more nature spaces such as natural playgrounds that are inclusive and accessible for everyone is of greatest importance to help with these growing problems. We need to recognize the importance of this connection to nature and green schoolyards as a solution, not just a personal preference.

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