“Fiddlesticks!” Adam Bienenstock

“Fiddlesticks” is a term with a unique origin and significant nostalgic value for many. It was often used as a mild expression of surprise or mild annoyance. The term resonates with memories of a time when fidgeting and sensory experiences were valued in a different way. For instance, the anecdote of a grandmother attributing the term to fidget sticks – objects used for tactile stimulation – offers a glimpse into the historical significance of sensory engagement. This journey into the past provides insights into the human need for multisensory experiences and the intrinsic connection between sensory engagement and focus.

The reference to “fidget sticks” as predecessors to the modern-day fidget spinners and toys sheds, light on the enduring need for tactile engagement and natural playgrounds are a wonderful way to get sensory engagement. The act of fiddling with sticks, touching and feeling the bark, and relishing the sensory experiences associated with them form a crucial part of human history. This connection to the past is a testament to the timeless need for fidgeting tools to aid in concentration and focus. The story not only highlights the value of sensory engagement but also serves as a reminder of how playground designs need to focus on providing multisensory experiences for improved concentration and well-being.

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