The residents of La Ronge were recently given an exciting opportunity to contribute their ideas and thoughts on the design of a proposed park in the area. This initiative was made possible by ParticipACTION, in collaboration with Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds. The event aimed to consult with families and create a space called ParticiPARK that would offer inclusive outdoor movement opportunities for all community members. Led by Adam Bienenstock, the founder of Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds, the consultation process is an important step in ensuring that the park reflects the preferences and needs of La Ronge residents.

The Importance of Nature and Outdoor Activity

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds has been at the forefront of designing outdoor learning and nature play spaces for over two decades. With a strong focus on the significance of nature and outdoor activities, the organization has successfully created parks in various cities, including Toronto, San Francisco, and Holland, Michigan. Recognizing the positive impact of nature on physical health, community well-being, and intergenerational interactions, Bienenstock emphasized the importance of incorporating these elements into the park’s design.

Collaborative Design Process

The collaboration between ParticipACTION, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds, and the La Ronge community allows for a unique and inclusive playground design process. Bienenstock and his team acknowledge the value of community input and believe that the residents’ perspectives are crucial in creating a park that aligns with their preferences and requirements. By engaging in this collaborative process, the design team aims to provide a space that is both relevant and appealing to La Ronge’s diverse population.

La Ronge’s Selection for ParticipACTION

La Ronge is one of only four communities across Canada to be chosen for the ParticipACTION Park design initiative. Alongside Winnipeg, Brampton, and Fredericton, La Ronge’s selection highlights the town’s suitability for such a project. Bienenstock expressed his enthusiasm for working in La Ronge, praising the area’s natural beauty and the opportunity to create a park that is truly unique to the community.

The Next Steps:

Following the feedback received from the consultation event held on July 9, Bienenstock and his team will use the input to develop a park design that incorporates the community’s ideas and suggestions. The design will undergo several iterations to ensure it meets the expectations and needs of the La Ronge residents. While a construction timeline has not yet been established, the collaborative efforts between ParticipACTION, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds, and the La Ronge community represent an exciting step towards the realization of ParticiPARK.

The involvement of La Ronge residents in the design process for the proposed ParticiPARK demonstrates the commitment of ParticipACTION and Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds to creating inclusive and engaging outdoor spaces. Through their expertise in nature-centric design, Adam and his team aim to deliver a natural playground that reflects the unique characteristics and desires of the community. La Ronge’s selection as one of the participating communities highlights the region’s natural beauty and provides an opportunity to establish a park that truly belongs to the people of La Ronge. As the project progresses, the community can look forward to the development of a park that encourages physical activity, fosters community connections, and enhances the overall well-being of its residents.

La Ronge Residents Engage in Design Process for New ParticipACTION Park

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