Kim Rossi

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds is proud to welcome Kim Rossi as the new Vice President of Philanthropy & Corporate Development. Kim will play a crucial role in establishing a Foundation that aligns with BNP’s mission of fostering children’s connection with nature, promoting environmental education, and combating climate change.

Established by Adam Bienenstock, the company believes in the power of natural, culturally reflective spaces for children and communities to flourish together. With over 4,500 projects in 5 countries and offices in Canada and the US, Bienenstock is at the forefront of creating authentic, sensory-rich natural playgrounds for children.

Kim Rossi, formerly of Pathstone Foundation, has experienced BNP’s impact firsthand through previous collaborations. Inspired by BNP’s dedication to its clients and mission, Kim is excited to contribute to their ambitious goal of connecting one million children to nature daily by 2030. Together, they aim to build greener schoolyards, and healthier spaces in parks, and public areas. Let’s collaborate and create a better future, TOGETHER!

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