We are celebrating the ground-breaking ceremony of the new nature play experience at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. We are so excited, proud, and thankful to be part of the team of natural playground companies and organizations behind the countless hours it’s taken to get this project to the point of shovels breaking ground. As one of the industry leaders in natural playground design and services Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds exists to support your best projects and help to make your vision a reality.

Ground-breaking at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science outdoor nature play experience celebrates and exhibits the eight Colorado ecosystems. The project will also restore portions of a historic waterway to a sustainable, flowing creek that acts as the connective tissue for natural play experiences in the space. In addition to catalyzing play and passion for science and nature, the project will provide wildlife habitat, reduce the heat island effect, protect natural and cultural resources, and enhance the site’s resilience to climate-related impacts.

We can’t wait to see how things go from rendering to reality!

Ground-breaking at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

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