Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds is an renowned leader in natural playgrounds and schoolyard greening in Canada and the USA. The team includes award-winning designers, architects, planners, and educators who are dedicated to improving children’s playground experiences. Adam Bienenstock, the founder of Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds, is an internationally acclaimed designer, builder, and researcher of nature-based play spaces.

Our company has a diverse portfolio of natural playgrounds developed over the years in collaboration with wide range of partners and budgets. We have worked closely with schools to design playgrounds & build natural play structures that enhance their core offering to students. Our commitment to sustainability is evident through their creative use of wood that would otherwise be chipped or mulched in creating natural playground equipment.

Natural playground design focuses on the creation of play spaces using natural elements and materials to provide children with a more holistic and stimulating environment. These designs often incorporate elements such as upside-down trees, slides, log climbing structures, gardens, sand & water features, and other natural features that encourage imaginative and exploratory play. Leading designers and educators are focusing on creating these innovative playgrounds that prioritize the use of natural elements to foster childhood development and engagement with the environment.

Award Wining Natural Playground Design

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