Can Nature Comply? – Nature Based Solutions for Our Children

In the world of nature-based recreational spaces, concerns about compliance with established standards such as the CSA, ASM, and European standards often arise. However, it’s important to note that there are effective ways to ensure that natural environments and trails comply with these standards, allowing for conservation authorities and ecological restoration initiatives to adhere to them as well. By following the standards carefully, it is entirely possible for nature-based recreational spaces to align with the requirements. Despite this, there is an underlying worry among many that legal implications such as potential lawsuits take precedence over the actual risk of causing injury.

The successful installation of over 3,500 natural playgrounds provides evidence of compliance without any claims against the responsible parties. This track record demonstrates that compliance with standards and safety regulations can be achieved, while also debunking concerns about legal repercussions. Ultimately, it is crucial to recognize that practical adherence to standards, combined with meticulous attention to safety and environmental regulations, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the enjoyment of nature-based recreational spaces without sacrificing safety or regulatory compliance. This is the way we advocate for cities to undertake more natural playground training to help understand how these types of playground designs can be in compliance with established standards.

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