This a wonderful overview and update on all that has been going on at Colene Hoose Elementary School in Normal, Illinois. nearly three times of planning and hard work have redounded in a stirring out-of-door space for the kiddies and community to enjoy for times to come.

Colene Hoose Elementary School

Colene Hoose seeks to be a flexible learning environment which positions our school to be the leader in instructional excellence, including innovative instructional practices, collaboration, and use of community resources.

Mixing art and play to produce an enriching sensitive experience that promotes cognitive development is the foundation of the one-of-a-kind natural playground presently being installed at Colene Hoose Elementary School.

Colene Hoose Elementary School
Colene Hoose Elementary School

A 16- acre heritage piece is a creative collaboration between Danish geography mastermind Helle Nebelong, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds & JSD Professional Services Inc.; Philanthropist Charlie Jobson and his foundation have committed 5 million towards the development of a world-class natural playground campus at his elementary alma mater.

The massive natural playground design was constructed with a multitude of experimental areas as well as outdoor gardening spaces and outdoor classrooms for natural-centred classes and outdoor literacy. Creating a nature play area allows children to explore and gain necessary sensory experiences that support cognitive development. Studies have shown similar experiences, like those set up throughout the playground, reduce bullying and boost test scores among a myriad of other benefits for the community and its youth.

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