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The Miraculous Power of Natural Playgrounds

Natural playgrounds are designed to facilitate creative and imaginative play, encourage exploration, and get kids away from the screens and into the outdoors. The playground design takes in many factors to produce the best and most effective play space for kids to enjoy the great outdoors.

Advancing Playground Design for Today’s Kids

Playgrounds have evolved significantly over the years. Once barren spaces with a few swings and slides, modern playgrounds are carefully designed to offer unique learning experiences for children. Here are some of the ways that playground design has changed and grown with the times: Inclusive Play: Playgrounds today provide materials and layouts for children of… Continue reading Advancing Playground Design for Today’s Kids

The Pedagogical Approach to Playgrounds

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of play in children’s development. Natural playgrounds, in particular, have been identified as important environments where children can engage in unstructured play and develop a range of skills and abilities.