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Mapleton Global - Natural Playground

The Advantages of Natural Playgrounds for Health

Natural playgrounds promote physical activity in children. It encourages them to engage in unstructured play, involving climbing, balancing, jumping, and exploring. Unlike traditional playgrounds with fixed equipment, natural playgrounds offer a more dynamic environment and a sensory immersion that stimulates creativity and imagination, leading to increased physical movement and exercise.

Boy Playing at Natural Playground

Exploring the Advantages of Natural Playground Design

In a digital age where screen time prevails, natural playground design encourages children to reconnect with nature. By using natural elements like logs, boulders, sand, water features, and plants, these playground designs offer a sensory-rich environment that stimulates children’s curiosity, social skills, independence, and exploration.

Community Montessori

Investing in Green Schoolyards is Crucial for Sustainable Urban Development

Green schoolyards are more than just playgrounds; they are multifunctional spaces that incorporate nature into the learning environment. By investing in green schoolyards, cities can provide students with hands-on learning opportunities about the environment, biodiversity, and sustainability. These outdoor classrooms offer a dynamic and engaging setting for education, allowing children to learn about ecology, gardening, and conservation practically and experientially.