From Roots We Grow


I’m AJ Hagarth and I am the supply chain and Logistics coordinator at the great part about my position is that day to day is always a little bit different I mean I am in charge of making sure that all the natural playground components that our customers have purchased gets on that truck and gets to them but that’s not that is nowhere near all I do.

I started here as a as a finisher it really made me feel a good sense of ownership to what I was making producing and sending out.

I feel supported and the teamwork that’s gets derived from that from everybody wanting to help one another is is an incredible feeling like it it’s morale boosting makes you want to get up and come to work every day.

Mark Taylor has worked at Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds for two and a half years as an account manager, he is responsible for fostering that relationship. By connecting with customers, developing their connection to the our company and to our natural playgrounds.

The natural playground components are like the things that I was trying to put together as a kid just using my imagination and we are actually creating this stuff for any kind of institution to bring to the children closer to nature.

Andrea is our newest Nature Play Advisor, but lives with the conviction of a seasoned Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds veteran. She lives by the sentiment “let’s just walk there” and it shows. Whether it’s hiking in the woods or talking with educators about getting kids out in nature, her energy and enthusiasm will surely brighten people’s days.

My name is Jonathan Wright , I’ve been with the company for a little over five years now I started off on the installation team got into production and eventually got into the office there where I started being the logistics coordinator and then now I am the head of production.

Definitely part of the passion I have for this job is bringing that experience to those children who might not get it or might not get it as often as they should.

Ryan Kruizenga has worked at Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds for four years now and he has worked up to an install supervisor. I went to college for Environmental
Landscape Management ,I used to drive past all the time on my way to work and I thought it’d be a pretty cool place to work then I saw one of the displays at “Canada Blooms” from a couple years ago and my kids were there enjoying the playground. And put it all together and it’s really really good place to work. The Best Part is seeing the Kids playing on the natural playground that we installed.

Josh Demkowich is our Fleet and Facilities Manager, and he is the real deal. Family comes first, but honest hard work isn’t far behind. Josh seems to have done it all and is one of those guys that seems to have lived multiple lifetimes based on his vast knowledge and work experience. When Josh isn’t at work, he’s probably hanging out with his family, planning a getaway to the middle of nowhere, or fixing something. It doesn’t matter what it is!

Rock stars and superstars, we’ve got them all. In this video, we feature Tash, our Head of Global Sales extraordinaire. Tash is all about family, which is a big part of why she is so good at what she does. She truly believes in what we do and the importance of early child development – and it shows. I don’t know if it’s possible to watch this episode without a smile on your face.

Chad has been with us for almost seven years, working his way up from to be a Master Carver. It’s amazing watching him take an already beautiful piece of tree, adding his own magical flare, and turning it into a work of art and a piece of natural playground equipment. Chad Chartrand is a rock star during the week, and a rock star during the weekend. With his musical chops on display it’s easy to see how Chad so easily lets that creativity flow.

Adam is a recent addition to the Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds team, but he isn’t new to his craft. Turns out he actually paid attention in shop class, and it spurred a deep passion for woodworking. When he’s not making knick-knacks in his garage, practicing his guitar solos, or enjoying the benefits of Uber Eats, he spends his days outdoors prepping pieces for the natural playground installation team. Attention to detail on his hobby projects upscaled means a high-quality finish to some of our largest components, such as Sideways Trees and Amorphous Logs.

Haleigh Mcleod went to Toronto Metropolitan University for Architecture, but instead of taking buildings to new heights, she is currently focusing on taking natural playground design to new levels. Her design days began at a young age, creating her own playground out of an abandoned play structure. Now that she has the proper tools, guidelines, and a catalogue of amazing components at her fingertips, she can really spread her creative wings…and she doesn’t even have to trespass to do it!

In our first episode of From Roots We Grow we talk to Kyle Ramsden, who is currently the Production Supervisor. Kyle is a seasoned veteran at Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds and is an expert in the production of natural playground equipment. He uses his love for nature and the outdoors as motivation for creating beautiful and complex components for children to interact with and enjoy. If you give Kyle space to play, the possibilities for play structures are endless.