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Bienenstock celebrates divergent thinking and risk taking. Our team of natural playground designers, landscape architects, construction experts , trainers and educators is reflective of our approach—comprehensive, international and multidisciplinary.

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Who We Are

Bienenstock celebrates divergent thinking and risk taking. Our team of designers, landscape architects, trainers, educators and construction experts is reflective of our approach—comprehensive, international and multidisciplinary. We hail from North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Palestine, Iraq, the Philippines and Egypt.

We hold degrees in business, landscape architecture, early childhood education, kinesiology, horticulture, architecture, computer science and construction. This amalgam of perspectives informs both our process and our final products.

We learn from each other and we push each other to experiment. We aren’t content to work on the cutting edge; we want to define the global future of our field. While our backgrounds are unique, we are grounded in our shared belief in the awesome power of nature to enrich child development and grow the next generation of environmental stewards.

What We Do

Disruptive Design

Bienenstock is pushing boundaries—literally and figuratively. By empowering your stakeholders and listening to your vision, we design and create your ideal nature-based play space.

Transformative Training

Our dynamic educators are world-renowned nature and play experts. They will guide your teachers, families and communities toward a new level of engagement.

Relentless Advocacy

We never turn down a chance to challenge traditional thinking. We shake up old definitions of play and learning, while encouraging policy makers and audiences to embrace the awesome power of nature.

Our Why Story

Residential Designer Adam Bienenstock

Picture your favourite place to play as a child. Perhaps it was a hidden nook in the woods, the rambling creek behind your house, or the hundred-year-old elm tree in the schoolyard. Call to mind the vivid smells, sounds and stories evoked by that magical space. Did it make you feel safe? Powerful? Creative? Those feelings—that natural space—carried you through childhood and, if you’re lucky, inform the person you are today. At Bienenstock, we tirelessly seek out projects that allow us to provide these natural play spaces for a new generation of children around the world.

How did we get here? In 1984, residential designer Adam Bienenstock was asked to design a playground. His nature-based approach involved boulders and ropes strung along a creek. He was told he “missed the mark,” but never fully understood why his vision was “wrong.” He’d merely designed a playground that mimicked his own favourite childhood experiences. As the son of a world-renowned immunologist who focused on the relationship between biodiversity and the immune system, and a psychiatrist who focused on stress and anxiety, Adam had an intrinsic understanding of the therapeutic powers of the natural world. Intellectually, he was off and running.

Jill Bienenstock

Meantime, Jill began her teaching career at Holland Bloorview’s Play and Learn program in Toronto, working within an integrated setting in which half the children had special needs and the other half did not. The program focused on creating a multi-sensory environment to support experiential learning. Over time, Jill realized that the natural world provided the best environment to foster this type of learning. By allowing nature to be the “third teacher,” educators can take their direction from students’ interests, in turn providing truly child-led education. Additionally, natural play spaces offer gross motor, creative, dramatic, social, and quiet areas that provide opportunities for all children to play and belong.

Alongside his professional reputation, Adam’s activist spirit was burgeoning. He met author and environmental education advocate Richard Louv and studied the seminal work of Canadian doctor Fraser Mustard, who focused on children’s developmental needs. It’s not a coincidence that Adam started focusing solely on natural playgrounds around the time that he became a parent. Someone, he realized, needed to take responsibility for building natural play spaces; inspired by Louv, who famously said, “We don’t know everything, but we know enough to act,” Adam decided to act. To build. In doing so, he has become a global leader in the field of natural playground design.

Working at Bienenstock

Bienenstock Playgrounds is a leader in the development of natural playgrounds. We’re committed and passionate about sharing our expertise and insight of design and construction. We are advocates of this movement, sharing our knowledge worldwide. We believe in improving the experiences of kids in their playgrounds. Our team includes award winning designers, architects, planners and educators who are united by their belief in the need to craft outdoor spaces that support children’s development through immersive experiences with nature.

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

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